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Critical Redox is a 3rd Person Stealth Action-Adventure set in a Cyberpunk World.

Developed in 7 weeks at the Games Academy Berlin.
First year Project.

Game Design - Volkmar Croyé
Lead Artist 2D & 3D - Lewin Reimann
Lead Programmer - Rene Gnahs
Programmer - Johannes Spicker
3D Art & Animation - Celina Eichler
Producer - Daniel Zummach
Composer & Sound Design - Lukas Piel


CriticalRedox Rev1.13.zip 430 MB

Development log


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Like Cryptic said, would have been nice to be able to take out guards, but still it was pretty fun! It took me a bit to figure out some of the mechanics that weren't very well explained but if flowed pretty nicely after that. The top down view for running was pretty awesome as well. Good work, and I'm sure it'd be even better had you more time to polish it!

We uploaded a new Version, if you'd like to try again :)

The intro is cool. It would have been cool to have a way to take out the patrols though. :)