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Fun little game, wish it was longer :)


Hola muy buenas! pueden hacerme saber, los requisitos mínimos de este juego?


Thanks for the game! 

hope to see the full release! 

thanks for playing.
as of right now there are no further plans to continue working on skybound.
it was a student project and everybody is already working on something new.

aww its alright! but really if there is more i would be happy to play it :D 

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Explored skybound on my channel today, the game is gorgeous!

thanks for playing

Beautiful game but very dark (no brightness setting in the game and my machine couldn't go any brighter) which meant the underground levels were almost impossible... the section with black ground was fairly easy just because I'd done almost the same the rest of the time. It's a shame it is so short though (and also hard for keyboard users to know which eys to use!) ... more levels would have been nice  though as I was enjoying it so much :) - Wonderful game, keep up the good work :)

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it.
In the end, we just ran out of time (it's a student project).
We did this for gamepad and implemented keyboard and mouse quickly  just before releasing it.

There is a control scheme in the main menu and right here in the screenshot section with the keyboard controls.
there is also a gamma setting in the main menu.

its not implemented very well but maybe it helps a little.

there just wasn't enough time...

but thanks again for playing and for your feedback.

best, Volkmar

No problem... I absolutely understand time crunch - had the same problem with my school projects when I was there... better at Uni. though! Or maybe I was more organised?  \^('_')^/

Also missed the Gamma setting, oh well! :) - thanks again :)


I used this Thumbnail because so many  indie devs do not get enough recognition!! <3 <3

thanks very much

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thanks for playing.
we didn't get around to eliminating that bug. if you want to try again, use the skyhook with more distance between you and the hook stone.
best, Volkmar

what is the system requirements for this game???

i actually can't tell you right now. i'd have to ask a colleague.
what system do you have?



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Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it.
I noticed some our fog effects didn't work in the dungeon levels. 
Thats why you encountered the weird hidden ground effect.
What quality level did you choose when starting the game?

Best, Volkmar

Yes!! Such an amazing Game!! I don't recall the quality i chose tbh. I dont have a strong pc and usually I record my gameplays  on medium/high quality at 1280x720 resolution but it ran smooth on my part. Keep up the great work.

I love this game, so you get a kiss.

The sound of these red flame clouds is too high and hurts in the ears so I have to turn off the sound.
The dark passages are a bit too dark unless you play in the darkest room of your basement.
If i press ESC i cant go back to Main Menu or exit the game.

we'll take that kiss. thanks.
funny enough, i found the pause menu bug just before i read this.
a lot of things were done just before we had to submit the game.
UI effects, sound mixing and general polishing and bugfixing all fell by the wayside.
all of the interior levels and connecting passages were done in a couple of days.
maybe we get back together to make one last fix. we'll see.
Thanks for playing, best, Volkmar

Make your last patch and then move forward.
We are all looking forward to your new projects.


That was great.  Good graphics. Good control. Have you got any further plans for Skybound?

All the best.

Thanks for playing.
We don't have any plans as of right now. Besides fixing the sound/music bug that you encountered.
Best, Volkmar